a prequel to
Toys Go Out


Emily Jenkins

illustrations by
Paul O. Zelinsky

a Schwartz & Wade book

Toys Go Out cover

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One of the Wall Street Journal's
Ten Best Children's Books of 2011

One of the New York Public Library's
100 Best Children's Books of 2011 (one of nine in its category)

"…a book destined to be read to children at bedtime for decades (nay, centuries?) to come"—Fuse #8 Blog, School Library Journal

★ "Who could imagine the introduction of a self-conscious stingray could lead to such great things?... This enjoyable trio deserves its rightful place away from the confines of any toy chest."—Kirkus Reviews, starred review

★ "The empathetic characters, gentle drama, and occasional, full-page, black-and-white drawings create a timeless story of adventure and friendship to treasure aloud or independently. Wholly satisfying, this may well leave readers expecting to see the Velveteen Rabbit peeking in the bedroom window and smiling approvingly."
—School Library Journal, starred review

Toys Go Out-- In the Backpack StingRay's arrival

appearance of Lunmphy Lumphy's arrival (detail)

As the Little Girl lifts a blue plush birthday present from its brightly wrapped box, the present—StingRay—recalls a vague memory of an earlier life, snuggling in a crate with hundreds of other plush stingrays. Now StingRay must find her way in a strange place, a home where she will have to earn her welcome from the other toys: a sleepy old sheep, a collection of cheerful but not especially considerate mice, a pompous, bullying walrus. There will be adventures and close calls (a wild slingshot ride into a thorny rosebush, an encounter with a dangerous kitten) and there will be delight and happiness as StingRay and new friends make a life together.Together they will face the big questions that all of us face: how to belong? Why are we here|? What is bowling?

Every bit as funny and charming as Toys Go Out and Toy Dance Party, its two companions in Emily Jenkins' Toys trilogy, Toys Come Home is a prequel, chronologically the first. If you've had questions about how certain things in the other two books came to be(how did the one-eared sheep become a one-eared sheep?) this book will reveal the answers.

The stories in Toys Come Home:
  1. In Which There Is Nowhere Nice to Sleep
  2. The Story of an Ear
  3. What Happened to Bobby Dot
  4. You Can Puke on Me
  5. In Whcih Lumpy Is Brave with a Tuna Casserole
  6. The Arrival of Plastic, and Also the Reason We Are Here
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