Toy Dance Party jacketTOY

a sequel to
Toys Go Out

Emily Jenkins

illustrations by
Paul O. Zelinsky



a Schwartz & Wade book

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Kirkus (starred review) says:

"Even more tender than its predecessor, these six related stories skillfully capture the bittersweet challenges of childhood independence. ... Zelinsky's superlative black-and-white drawings never fail to bring warmth and depth... Poignant and compelling, this sequel sparkles."

A Junior Library Guild Premiere Selection

Chosen as one of Kirkus' Best Books of 2008

Named to CCBC Choices 2009, an annual best-of-the-year list

selected for The CBC/IRA's Children's Choices list for 2008

Toy Dance Party illustration
Plastic, StingRay and Lumphy
run from the shark

This delightful book returns us to the home of the Little Girl who sleeps on the High Bed, whose special and favorite toys made TOYS GO OUT such a success with children. But not everything is the same: now StingRay, Lumphy and Plastic are beginning to realize that the Girl is growing older, and her interests are threatening to change—even her interest in toys.

Mindless, plastic Barbies begin to attract her attention. A new toy, a rubber shark, arrives in the mail. Will it be a rival to the three friends? A companion? A predator?

Accompany Lumphy, Plastic, StingRay and their household friends through six linked stories, rife with fears and folly, frustrations and satisfactions, pathos and bravery, showing with great good humor that lives lived in the playroom can be as full, and as human, as any.

The stories in Toy Dance Party:
  1. The Toys Are Left In
  2. In Which There Are Wonderful Costumes and Violence Occurs
  3. The Garbage-Eating Shark (Which is Not the Same as the Possible Shark)
  4. Concerning Bonkers, the Vacuum Cleaner and a Friendship Between Fish
  5. In Which there is a Sleepover and Somebody Needs Repair
  6. Let's Do Our Nails
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