The Shivers in the Fridge, jacket
Fran Manushkin

pictures by
Paul O. Zelinsky

The adventures of a family of magnets who find themselves in a dark, shivery place. Where in the world could they be?

* "A hilarious union of art and text"
Kirkus, starred review

"Zelinsky's illustrations are pitch perfect for this comically surreal scenario"
--New York Times Book Review

A Booklist Editors' Choice for 2006

The Shivers in the Fridge is a selection of the Junior Library Guild.

Click to view "Pickles!"—a short animation about the Shivers.
Click for a second short called "Applesauce!"

You can also see them on, with faster download and lower quality: Pickles! and Applesauce!
Take a look at a big, Shivers-inspired fridge

The Shivers in their cardboard box

Here is the story of Sonny Shivers and his Mama, Papa, Grandma and Grandpa, a curiously flat family who find themselves in a dark, chilly, and highly improbable situation. Amidst earthquakes galore and great flashing lights, giant monster hands keep reaching forth to snatch parts of their landscape—Cheesy Square, for instance, and Jelly.

Join the Shivers in their adventures—more silly than scary—as they search through their edible landscape for some place warmer to live. Will Grandpa get stuck atop the snowy peak of Mount Ketchup? What happens to Papa when he slips on Buttery Cliff? Will Grandma keep safe from the monster's hand by hiding in Spooky Jungle?

Fran Manushkin's wry humor, spiced with food puns, carries this droll saga through shivery perils and familiar family dynamics to a warm reunion on the refrigerator door.