"The Birth of a Snowflake"
This snowflake, painted in oil and acrylic by Zelinsky, is among hundreds auctioned on December 11th, 2005, to support cancer research.
The project was called "Robert's Snow," the creation of author/illustrator Grace Lin, whose husband succumbed to cancer.

In the Halloween edition of the New York Daily News,
Paul Zelinsky and several other artists were commissioned to carve a pumpkmin. Zelinsky's contribution was called "Rapumpkinzel."
daily news spread 

The Art of Reading is a copublication of the literacy organization RIF (Reading is Fundamental) and Dutton Children's Books. In the fall of 2003, RIF organized a fascinating public event at the Corcoran Gallery in Washington, D.C. During it, a great many well-known illustrators could be seen drawing and painting pictures based on their own childhood relation to a book that was important to them. More illustrators were subsequently asked to create art for this book, the sales of which will help to support RIF's activities in bringing books to young readers.

art of reading This cover art is by the late Fred Marcellino.
Paul Zelinsky's contribution, an oil painting begun at RIF's Washington event and finished later in his studio, referred to "The Color Kittens," by Margaret Wise Brown and illustrated by Alice and Martin Provinsen. Below is a detail. The faces in the flowers were based on the real children who came to watch.

rif painting

Carol Rasco, RIF President and CEO, said:

"This is a book about books. It’s also a book about the ability of children’s literature to change lives and open hearts. Each of the 40 illustrators represented here was asked to re-imagine a favorite book from their own childhood that propelled them along their life’s path of reading, writing, and creating. Illustrators, perhaps more than most of us, truly understand the power of art and imagination to inspire young readers to develop reading skills and begin a lifelong love affair with books. The 40 works of art contained inside these pages are a testament not merely to the artists’ skill, but to the extraordinary ability of illustration to serve as the gateway to the world of books. "

thanks and giving cover Thanks and Giving All Year Long was brought about by Marlo Thomas, who asked authors and illustrators as well as general-purpose celebrities to write or illustrate a piece relating to the theme of thankfulness. Royalties from the book support St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

Paul Zelinsky's illustration in this book interprets an anecdote contributed by Mel Brooks, about playing stickball in Brooklyn while simultaneously learning the names of the signers of the Declaration of Independence.
playing stickball

Guys Write for Guys Read is Jon Scieszka's anthology of writings and some pictures by male children's book creators. The aim of his "Guys Read" project-- a website among other things, is to reduce the reluctance felt by many boys to engage in reading. The book should raise funds for the entire project.
guys readZelinsky's contribution to the book (not included in the Guys Read website) includes a childhood doodle and a recent update of it.